Coloured Angoras

  Indian Springs Farm is one of Missouri's oldest breeders of natural coloured angora goats, with 15 generations of colour and several champions coming from the flock.

  Abraham, our red foundation sire is from Isa Jennings. He continues to produce great colour and kids at 11 years of age. He is joined by other herd sires "Black Jack", "Noah", and our two newest additions "Moses" another great Isa Jennings buck, and "Shadow" our first silver. The majority of our colour is red / brown.

Select animals are available in various price ranges.

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"Red, brown, black or white
They are precious in His sight"
Joshua & Noah
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Know the state of your flocks and your herds, then there will be lambs wool enough for clothing, and goat's milk enough for food for all your household after the hay is harvested and the new crop appears and the mountain grasses are gathered in. Proverbs 27:25-27 L.B.
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